Why Should I Eat Breakfast?

Breakfast is more than the most important meal… it is the FIRST MEAL, the foundation of your nutrition for the day.

What makes breakfast so special?

Breakfast has been shown to increase concentration, physical and mental endurance, reduce cholesterol, regardless of age. Additionally, it has been shown to help manage weight. (According to John Hopkins School of Public Health)

Breakfast, “Breaks the Fast” – fasting from sleeping and you need to eat to get your metabolism started. You should eat breakfast within 30-45 minutes of waking (unless you have an early morning workout).
What makes a breakfast good, or are they all made equal?

In fact not all breakfasts are made equal. The ideal breakfast consists of the following components :

A healthy whole grain fiber source. ex: whole grain breads, whole oats or ezekial bread.
A lean protein source. ex: egg, egg whites, tofu, skim milk or unsweetened almond milk, or whey protein powder (if you opt for a breakfast protein shake).
A small source of simple carbs: ex: berries, banana, grapefruit.
A small amount of natural fat to keep you fuller longer- ex: almond butter, nuts in oatmeal
With these four key ingredients you are setting yourself up for an amazing start to your day!

Remember not all breakfasts are the same, and we should keep an eye out for imitators. (While a muffin can be a good whole grain, and provide fiber, it can also be a source of empty calories and excess sugar.)
Don’t eat to get STUFFED, eat for ENERGY.
Read your nutrition labels.
By eating breakfast, you are stabilizing your blood sugar and get your day started off right.

Wake up a few minutes early and make your own breakfast. This could give you a reason to attack the day without rushing to work.